SCIS Investigator OPM approved, training cancelled!

I have had confirmation that OPM cleared me to work on the contract, I was given the 4th of Jan 2019 as a training start date, just today I received a call saying training postponed until further notice, I’ve contacted OPM who were really helpful (as much as they could be) but they say its SCIS who knows why? I just feel in limbo? Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks

Maybe they lost the contract or are not getting as many investigations as before?

None of the major contractors have been removed and I personally know SCIS investigators that say there is no problem. SCIS may have over hired and don’t have the work in your area to support having an investigator (or six) right now.

I know that SCIS is still expanding and hopes to continue to do so for some time. I’m not sure what happened with your training class, but they tend to have a new class come through about once a month. Good luck!

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I’m British (US citizen) so I think they may want to delve into the UK background, it feels like this goes on forever…;-(

The January training is still on, it hasn’t been cancelled. This leads me to believe that they were referring specifically to your training schedule being postponed/reworked. They might be full for this session or they might need more time for your BI.