CSRA Training Class/ BI Timeline after SSBI approved


Hi all,

I found out that I got my TS SSBI favorably adjudicated last Tuesday. I’m still awaiting my start date and was wondering if there were any other newly hired CSRA BI’s who have heard about training, or if anyone else has knowledge on how long it usually takes to start once your SSBI is cleared.

Just for other people to reference my timeline-
3/19- SF86 Submitted
3/29- In person interview
4/2-4/20ish- roughly 10 of my close friends interviewed.
5/22- SSBI favorably adjuicated.


Training classes are already backlogged until September it seems. Since you were only just adjudicated that would be the very earliest possible date.

If I had to guess your date probably won’t be until October or November though. Maybe later, only CSRA really knows.


I was under the impression that you had to start within 90 days of your clearance being approved, also where did you hear about the start dates being backlogged?

I appreciate the response.


Other CSRA applicants have confirmed it on these forums.

I’m not sure where you heard the “90 day start date” rule. Since you were just adjudicated you probably don’t even have your PIV card yet which you still need before you can even go to training.

And depending on your location, enrollment dates for the PIV card can be backlogged for a month or more (mine was roughly a month and a half after I received my PIV sponsorship).