CSRA Training class

Anyone on here attending the training class for February and then in Falls Church in VA? I’d love to link up with some future fellow classmates!

I start in the middle of March. Look in this thread, ill post the link below, I believe I saw some people starting in February

Awesome thanks! I appreciate the link to the thread as well. It was nice to read some answers.

Have you gotten a starr date for training?

Hi I actually started early March and have been working on the contract since :slight_smile:

How hard is the test you take in training? Im waiting on a start date with CSRA i have an appt for my PIV enrollment card tomorrow so not sure how quick will i be starting

No i havent reieved a start date yet, the last email i got was to get picture, fingerprints taken for PIV card. Still waiting on start date

Damn!! Thats what i heard ,but i was hoping to start before .since i have a trip beggining of october and i dont want it to be an issue

How long after you took your photo for your identification credential were you notified to show up for training? How long before training started did they notify you?