CSRA Training class


Anyone on here attending the training class for February and then in Falls Church in VA? I’d love to link up with some future fellow classmates!


I start in the middle of March. Look in this thread, ill post the link below, I believe I saw some people starting in February


Awesome thanks! I appreciate the link to the thread as well. It was nice to read some answers.


Have you gotten a starr date for training?


Hi I actually started early March and have been working on the contract since :slight_smile:


How hard is the test you take in training? Im waiting on a start date with CSRA i have an appt for my PIV enrollment card tomorrow so not sure how quick will i be starting


No i havent reieved a start date yet, the last email i got was to get picture, fingerprints taken for PIV card. Still waiting on start date


You’ve probably got a long wait ahead of you then.

Training dates were backlogged to September back before May if I remember right.


Damn!! Thats what i heard ,but i was hoping to start before .since i have a trip beggining of october and i dont want it to be an issue