PIV enrollment process timeline?

I’m so frustrated. I’ve waited for about a month since my TO, and since they said they’d follow up if they need anything, I haven’t bothered HR. After 4 weeks, I ask for a status update, and the HR rep writes back saying the security office told her that they have not started my background check because I “haven’t completed my PIV appt yet”. I did this the day after I got my TO, and informed her of that. Today, the security office said they were able to find my enrollment. I don’t understand how they never received it, and if they didn’t get it by the deadline they gave me, why they never bothered to follow up.
Does anyone know how long the background check associated with the PIV credentials takes?

Anyone? Also wondering if the fingerprint check was started right when I took them a month ago or if the agency has to now submit them and wait for results.