Cleared But No Start Date

Well I received a start date finally!

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Sounds like you’re on standby in a cleared pool, awaiting a final start date based on the geographic needs of CSRA. Cruel? Sure. But they can proceed as they wish.

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I was in the same boat. Sent pictures,etc and did not hear a word for about 2 months then I got a start date in May. I might ve the exception because the whole process toom about 3 months


Lol…hmmm, that’s a term I actually used!

Well congratulations to you Tom! I pray that you continue to do well and that you are successful, it must be a great feeling to be chosen.

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Tom1, when is your start date?

I start May 18 with CSRA/GDIT. I originally was suppose to start last year with SCIS. I am glad that feel thru-you had to pay SCIS back up to $5000 if you left before 6 months - no repayment with CSRA. We shall see how things play out.

I wonder how many start dates are in May because I start a few days after you! Hmmmm

What is your Job Title?

Background investigator. I was to start May 25,but got an earlier date

CSRA_GDIT BI? Hmmmm…Interesting!

How was it possible to get an earlier date?

I called and asked and they gave me available dates.

Well that’s because you weren’t an “oversight” like I was.

Hey tom
How do you like the job so far, I am going through the process now, Im almost done I just need my PIV card and start date. I would love of you could tell me how things are going with GDIT.