Interim Determination

I received an interim determination and had my pictures taken and sent into CSRA. My question what happens next. I had applied with SCIS last year and was cleared to go,but my class got cancelled. Thanks

You should be getting a class date from CSRA.

Hi Met,
I am on the same boat with CSRA-I have my interim, I sent them copies of passport photos, I also went to the Federal Building and got my photos and fingerprints taken again for a PIV card. CSRA contacted me with a start date on March 9th. When talking to them-the first open session they had starts April 27th. It’s three weeks of training from home, and then three weeks training in Falls Church, VA. However, I am the maid of honor in a wedding early June so I have to be in my hometown during that time, so I had to push my start date back to May 18th.

Hope you hear something soon!

Thank you. I will wait and see. My experience with SCIS has left me not holding my breath.

With respect to this process and CSRA, does anyone have an more insight into the time line from here. I have been asked to complete 86 form (this was done last yearfir SCIS)

Check out
I will continue to update the reply with the timeline as I proceed

I got the “call” fron CSRA and start on May 25. My time line was about 2 months.

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Wow, your timeline is pretty fast compared to some people I have heard from.