Initial TS/Sci w poly- Timeline??

I already had a S/ssbi w CI poly. Adjudicated Mar2017.

In Nov 2017 - I was then submitted for an Initial - for a TS/SCI- FS poly.
An investigator recieved my sf86 in Jan.2018.
I took the Poly in May 2018. (Passed)

But I’ve heard NOTHING since. Investigators havent reached out to references…ect. interviewed me …called… nothing.
Maynb they dont need to because my SSBI was within a year.
Does that mean I’m almost done? But… doesnt an initial mean I’m starting all over? And… does that also mean I’m still waiting for an investigator to call to start a whole new background?

I just want to start my new job and I’m nervous I’ll miss out on that opportunity if it takes too long.
Anyone have similar timelines?

You just started the process, you started a new BI when you filled out the SF86. It may be a year or longer. Please do not resign your current job and go on with your life. We have people that are at 400 days and counting. I hope I am wrong, just level setting your expectations.