How to know where i stand

Currently its been 15 months since i first applied to a job with the NSA. Just passed my 2nd poly on 4/2, after taking my psych on 3/6 and filling out my sf86 forms in dec 18’. I was told by my recruiter that i would hear back in 6-12 weeks, but im curious if that’ll be a FJO, or if i’ll be contacted by a BI in that time? I guess i was under the assumption that my BI started after the submission of my sf86 forms, and during those 3 months between my submission and my first poly and psych exam, i was never contacted by anyone. I also dont see any hits on my credit regarding a BI, so at this point im rather confused. Is their someone i can call to find out?

You may not see the pull, I have seen that said several times on this forum.

As for BI, you will be contacted to talk to an investigator, after that, it may be months or years again.

You didn’t start the process until December '18 . . . About four months ago. Nothing that happened before that counts as far as time goes. If you read around here, you will find many people that are 18 to 24 months into the process. Some longer.

No one here can tell you how long the process will be for you. Your BI may have started in December but it may not have really been worked on yet.

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So i could still be waiting another 12-18 months??? CRAZY!!! and here i was thinking i was coming to the end of the line… how depressing

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Right now, 4 months to initiation is usual, and 12 months to complete a Secret are normal.