Here to annoy: Which I’ve become good at! 😉

Would someone please explain to me why it takes so long to meet with your BI for SI?

TS/SCI - DoD (Fed - MD - IC Agency) Timeline:

Applied - 2017
Interview - December ‘17
CJO - February ‘18
SF-86 Submitted - March ‘18
Contacted by Security in ref to missing info - March ‘18

Credit pulled - Aug ‘18
Poly/Psych - Feb ‘19 (inconclusive Poly)

2nd Poly March 22nd ‘19 (passed)

Radio silence since…

(Sprinkle in random phone calls over the last year and a half from recruiting office telling me that “we are still very much interested…”)

Is this timeline normal and right where it needs to be?

And is there any rhyme or reason as to whom would be contacted first… Ie, Me for Subject Interview or my references?

you’ve only been in radio silence for 2 months. That’s not very long actually. It looks like they’re in the process of starting your BI field work. You MIGHT get the SI once that field work begins, but some investigators wait until the end of the fieldwork for the SI. Your timeline from August forward doesn’t raise any out of the norm red flags in my opinion.

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@whythewait… sounds good.

I’d like to also add that this particular agency does its own BI and I live approximately 2 1/2 hours from them:

  • Lived in same geographic area my entire life.
  • Only been out of the country once.
  • No foreign contacts.
  • And only had two jobs over the last 10 years.

Would these help expedite the foot print of the fieldwork by the investigator?

And possibly time frame?

Come on Trey . . . You’ve been here a long time and should pretty much know the answers to your questions.

From a security clearance point of view, it makes no difference that you applied for your job in 2017 or even that your CJO was 15 months ago. Your SF86 wasn’t submitted until March or even April of 2018 which means that you have been on the clock for 14 months. You will meet with a BI when someone decides that they need information from you. When it’s time . . .

You have read all of this here already . . .


@Trey3 I think your investigation will go fast once started. I had over 20 addresses and over 10 job changes that I had to list. The investigator met with me first and went over the sf86. He finished interviewing references and all the footwork in a week. It took him about 2 1/2 months to finish the investigation completely and send it off. He said that he worked my whole case so I know there was noone else to wait on. I am sure yours will be much quicker.

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@hawk911, thanks… :+1:t5:

What I didn’t think of was that I live in a small community where there are absolutely no cleared jobs within probably a 400 mile radius. This may have made my contact with the investigator much quicker. I would imagine that in your area there are many more cases.

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@EdFarmerIII, yes, you are correct… I’ve been on here for a while.

And of course I have a vague idea of the answers to my questions. But as I’ve stated before, if one is new to this process… it’s obvious, that there are going to be moments of anxiety while one waits. Is that fair to say?

As always, I appreciate your input.

@hawk911, yeah, I’m from a large city in the NE.

Fed IC agency in Maryland… now who could that be??? :sunglasses:

It could take an awfully long time for no apparent reason. Or as somebody has suggested, it could go very quickly once the BI completes. Impossible to tell.

But so far, there’s nothing unusual at all about your timeline.

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@sbusquirrel… your humor is on point…lol

Were you ever in law enforcement?

Also, it seems as though… things move in 6 month increments. But that could just be my ignorance.

Never in law enforcement but I’ve been in and around the IC for years in various capacities.

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@sbusquirrel… gotcha. I only said that cause your dry humor reminds me of plenty of my co workers.

@Trey3 I get to go back this week to redo psych and poly due to them expiring. Wasn’t expecting that news when recruiter told me I should hear something in a month. Thinking about just giving up at this point. I’ve spent too many vacation days on processing and feel like it’s just a waste of time at this point.

@hawk911, that’s crazy (how long have you been In this process again?)

Also, how long before they expire?

I wouldn’t give up. Go and knock itout. Stay strong!

@hawk911…oh man, sorry to hear that you have to go through those all over again. I can see why you feel like that at this point.

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Supposedly they are good for a year but I’ve heard different things. Recruiter didn’t know date they expired just that they were expired and was told I needed to redo them. I last did them around Nov of 2017 so it’s been a good while. Just found out about them and have them scheduled extremely quick so hopefully something may be getting pushed through. Hopefully as soon as I do them I hear something about FJO shortly after.


@hawk911, ok… good. So please go and good luck!!!

I’ve heard of the pee test expiring but not the other stuff. Funny, once you get cleared you’re supposed to do the poly every five years, but I guess once you’re cleared they may feel they have more control over you.

As for the psych, well, I may not be a good one to ask :crazy_face:

“I’m OK and so am I”

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