Here to annoy: Which I’ve become good at! 😉

@Trey3, give yourself another 18 months then you’ll be at my timeline :joy:

I asked my recruiters if the poly ever expires and she said no, so I’m really not sure what to think anymore. That may very by agency, but I think the more likely situation is that the recruiting folks don’t have any clue at all what the requirements of the security office are :man_facepalming:

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@12345… that’s a ridiculous timeline. I don’t see how you’ve done it. :man_shrugging:t5:

Yeah, with respect to recruitment… I’m starting to believe what they say. I have NO legit idea what security does.

@Trey3 I finished up everything and it all seemed to go smoothly. Poly was much easier this time for some reason. I was worried at first since they couldn’t find my name but everything was handwritten in for scheduling which was weird. I guess the quick scheduling threw things off. I actually got to meet recruiter in person finally and they gave me 4 weeks. I told them I was concerned since I’ve heard that before and they said they had checked and just updating poly and psych was all that was needed. Poly examiner told me I passed and didn’t see anything to worry about. Psych exam was quick and painless. Hopefully this is actually the last waiting to do.


@hawk911… yes!!!

My second poly was quick and “easy” as well. As was the psych.

It’s good that you got to actually meat your recruiter in person — I’m assuming it gave you a sense of ease?

(4 weeks of what?)

Yeah, hopefully… this is it for you.


@hawk911 good to hear, hopefully you won’t have much longer. I got an email today that said

“This is an informational email which requires no action on your part. You are currently active in the Suitability process (which encompasses Security/Psych/Background Investigation). In accordance with the Privacy Act, the Recruitment office does not have access to your security file in order to maintain applicant confidentiality. As a result, I am unable to provide a precise timeline for the remainder of your processing.”

So I guess I can assume that I am not yet in adjudication. The wait continues…

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@Rkf4ever, I guess NO news or little to NO news… is good news? :smirk::man_facepalming:t5:

That sounds like the random phone calls I get it.

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@Trey3 that’s the right attitude to have, but ummm the wait is still killing me lol

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@Rkf4ever, I’ve only been at this about 14 months since submitting my SF-86… at this point, I’m trying anything. So, I can ONLY imagine what you’re going through.

(Luckily work has been busy lately to keep my mind off of it)

Stay strong… I’m rooting for you.

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I just got a phone call about still being in processing… it’s been 4 months since my “unresolved” poly so I wonder if I’ll ever have to redo it, but I hope not.

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@T0ff312s… I’ve gotten about 3 of those (calls) I think. :man_facepalming:t5:

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Anybody know why a TS/SCI reinvestigation seems to take so long moving from a DoD job where the reinvestigation was started and now being at a new job on the IC side where i am presently stuck in New Guy hell since i cant do my job since i have to take a CI Poly which i cant take yet due to my status of awaiting Adjudication?!

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@Rkf4ever Do you actually have good contact with your recruiter? I couldn’t get in touch with mine for almost a year I think after multiple calls and emails. I have received some generic emails from random people I guess that are in the area I would be working. These just say they are still interested. I never seen one about suitability. How long has it been since your last visit? It looks like most people have received a FJO within 2 months of their visit unless they are like me and end up waiting forever in the dark. I do have the calendar counting down this time though.

@hawk911…well I used to have good contact with my former recruiter, and then I got a new one. I was sending her numerous emails, and then one day I called only for her to say she never got any of my emails. Then says, yes that happens sometimes, non DOD emails don’t always get through to us (her words). Now I’m thinking, what kind of system is that, and why they don’t think that’s a problem. You’re a recruiter, of course you’re going to have many non DOD emails coming to you, wouldn’t you think that you would make sure that the system isn’t blocking those?? Anyway, I digress…I had my poly in March and my psych exam in April. It would be nice to hear something this month since that would be 2 months since my last visit, but one can only hope to be so lucky.

Uh Ooooooh we have movement…the hamster wheel started moving again an hour after my previous post!!!


@BiggSpooky what’s the word now

I was called to set up a date for my Poly which is in about a week, Woooo Hoooooo!!! I feel like i just got a parole date! :smile:


@Batdog123 yes that’s a little weird that the recruiters thought you had done that part already. I met with a BI before I ever had poly/psych, so I have no idea how it’s all supposed to go. The email does seem to be a mass send out as usual, so I guess we just wait for now.

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No hard and fast rules here. Just be glad you’re seeing some progress. At least for now.


Does anyone know how the process goes once you are finished with everything? I would assume you are cleared by security and then from there I guess it goes to HR to get FJO ready. I have seen posts where people have to send in updated resume and assume this is before you get the FJO also. Just don’t know how long that process would take. The site says up to 8 weeks but I don’t know what all that involves. I’m just worried that if I do actually hear something soon that it would drive me crazy waiting another 8 weeks for HR stuff.

Just to freak you out… it is possible that there is no longer a vacancy available!

Seriously though, once Security determines you are clearance-worthy and “Suitable” then HR does have to go through some hoops to prepare the final job offer… to include making sure there is still a vacancy.

If you get contacted to provide an updated resume, transcripts, take a drug test, or (if you are a current fed) your most recent SF-50, then that could be an indication that it is in the final stages of dotting t’s and crossing i’s (did I screw that up again?). And then of course, you need to figure out a start date.