I clearly have the patience of a toddler

Last contacted in reference to credit in mid August— Process screening continued.

DoD IC agency that does its own background…

In those last two months, could the investigator be interviewing references… Also, Anyone have any time frame on when I could be possibly/finally contacted for a BI interview?

FYI it’s for a TC/SCI.

Thanks in advance!

I started hearing from my contacts I listed that they were being interviewed very quickly after my med/psych/poly, which you will probs get for SCI.

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I would say that this process is frustrating for almost everyone who goes through it even the most patient ones. I’m not patient though :smile:

From my experience, the investigator will usually reach out to you first to introduce themselves, let you know what is going on, and confirm some basic information over the phone. The background investigator then goes out to your area and begins calling/then visiting the references (this includes people on your SF86 form, and developed contacts - those are people who are not on your SF86 form… sometimes some people on your SF86 form never get contacted).
Your BI interview happens during this process (beginning, middle or end … it really depends on the investigator).

Hope this helped out!

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@Anon1…, yes, very much so. Thank you!!!

Can you speak to the radio silence that I’ve heard for the last two months?

Several reasons… the backlog, the file sitting on someone’s desk, etc.
If it’s who I think it is, then it’s probably multiple factors. They’ve been handing out denials and discontinuations to people left and right, even when things can be mitigated easily.
Reach out to your POC/recruiter and ask them. I usually call if I have any questions. Most of them are pretty good about picking up or getting back to you.
I will say though that a radio silence of 2 months is not unheard of…I’ve experienced 3-4 month radio silence periods and even longer :grinning:
Just hang in there!

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@Anon1… Don’t even get me started on reaching out to my recruiter… he/she responds/answers fairly quickly; gotta give credit there. With that being said, the response I do get is “You can check in whenever you want… but security doesn’t divulge that type of information to me because of your privacy.”…which I fully understand.

Yeah, that’s my current situation…lol.

Yeah that is the case with pretty much every place.
I would say just give it some time. If, and I am just throwing out a random timeline, say it gets ro 4 months and you still have nothing then reach out and ask what’s the status update. They can give a ‘status update’ which isn’t too helpful but it’s something…other than that, all you can do is wait. I, personally, like to call every few weeks - makes me feel better somehow.

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@Anon1, thanks man… I definitely appreciate the insight. It’s very helpful!

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