Is there ever a time where the BI doesn't need to meet with you?

I very recently passed my Poly, and completed my Psych Eval. I am still waiting to turn in a form requested by my Psych Eval, but otherwise, done with that. My recruiter mentioned several times that the timeline has seen to be that the BI will contact “you” around the Poly and Psych stage. I’ve basically been told for the past month “be ready for your investigator to reach out any moment!”, but I haven’t heard anything. I am certainly not in a rush, I know this is a super slow process, but I am curious about one thing.

I have a very boring background. No drug use, no criminal history, no debt. No foreign travel/contacts or family. I have an extremely small family, and I moved locations once or twice, but all within 30 miles of each other, and I have reliable references for those. All of my references are also within 30 miles of each other, so literally nothing out of this immediate area to report. They are all prepared and easily contactable, along with my past and current employers.

Is there a chance the investigator just wouldn’t need to speak with me? That he/she could be doing their research, and not necessary need to converse with me? Or will they always reach out and atleast introduce themselves? Do they always require a subject interview?


it’s all up to the investigator.

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Certain cases always require a Subject interview, whether you have a boring background or not. If you’re trying to get a TS or public trust then an interview will be required. You likely haven’t been contacted by an investigator yet simply because your case has not been assigned to one. An investigator will usually contact you within 1 - 2 days of being assigned your case. But as for when that will be, who knows?

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I could copy and past this entire post, and it would be me. “Passed” poly and took psych two months apart (poly- passed- approximately a month ago)… radio silence since.

I have yet to be contacted by a BI… so I guess we’re just waiting for our files to be assigned to someone. :man_shrugging:t5:

Unfortunately it’s not up to us whether we meet you or not. It’s up to the case type. But I can tell you now if it is for an investigator, you will meet and sit down with your investigator.

Thanks friend, but this post is from May, and has since been figured out. Thanks though!