Subject Interview Scheduled - What to expect

Hello everyone,

Just got a call from Background Investigator for scheduling interview. The BI will be coming to my office.

I was told have your passport and DL for identification and will go over your form. The interview is scheduled for 1hr 30min next week Monday.

What should I expect? Any preparation idea towards the interview would help. Do they also interview someone from work (lets say my coworkers, my boss)?

When the investigator called I was asked if I am still with company A (who submitted my clearance), I told that ‘Company A’ had given me a conditional offer depending on my clearance. I added that I am working for ‘Company B’ who is defense contractor also. My ‘Company A’ offer was never pulled for clearance delay, I was told they would review offer and start date closer to start date post my clearance update. Not sure what to answer if asked, why hasn’t ‘Company B’ updated your clearance package with their cage code?

It’s been 490days (calendar) since I submitted my eqip (Feb 2018). My investigation is for secret clearance.

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@anon02… I have no idea, as I’m still waiting on mine. But I do wish you the best of luck!

By the way, are those days business or calendar?

Expect to be asked similar questions that were on your SF86.

Relax, it’s easier than you imagine.

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Is it for the MD one?

They will go over your SF. If you have any issues that you resolved, bring evidence. I gave him an updated resume, I typed the names, the addresses and the contact info of my references as well as all of my past addresses and employments. I labeled all the sheets and they were very happy for making their life easier :slight_smile:
My interview lasted 30 minutes since I had no issues at all. By the way, the meeting occurred at my job the investigator and interviewed someone in the front desk.
Please note that my BI occurred less than a month after submitting my SF86. I am pending notification to schedule my poly. Best of luck to you!

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Might be longer if there are any discrepanices. But to put it in perspective my TS for a three letter only took two hours because I filled out my form completely and on top of the form they also ask A LOT of “other” questions not on the form.

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Go over your form and see what has changed since you completed it. If references have moved, changed numbers, etc, bring a list of their new contact info.

Make a list of references that aren’t on your form. Neighbors, coworkers, social friends. Bring a list of their full contact info (name, address, email)

If you have extensive foreign travel, go through your passport and look at every stamp and date and make sure it aligns with the trips you listed under the foreign travel section.

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Thank you @investigator721. I will go over my form and look for any changes that has happened since I submitted my SF86.

@ele Not sure if I understand MD one?

So the investigator interviewed you and someone else at your work?

Its calendar days. Submitted equip February of 2018.

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@anon02… ok… wow. I submitted mine in March 2018.

Yes. He verified my employment and asked about my character.

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Did you discuss the information during your interview or on your case papers?

Issue discussion in a report is either “volunteered” (discussed without having the Investigator tell you about the issue) or “confronted” (Investigator discussed an issue after giving you a chance to volunteer the issue and they told you about it).

Issue/information found from sources other than the Subject is developed information. Often you have a chance to discuss the issue (see previous paragraph)…

An issue will be reported whether you volunteered an issue or the issue was developed.