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I received an email that I needed to have a telephone interview with the BI, probably over my legal situation that ran from the offense in 2006, to my conviction in 2015 and incarceration from 2016 to mid 2017. I was 22 then, I’m about to be 35 now. I’ve been working for the contractor uncleared for a little over 4 months now.

I guess it’s just to go over the question. As that is really my only issue.

It said it should be about an hour. Does anybody have any insight as to preparing for this phone call? I was expecting a face to face, which was my preference. It’s on Friday so I’d like to be prepared for the discussion.

NBIB has recently approved Investigators to conduct phone interviews in certain circumstances. That was why you were contacted. These are normally single issue interviews. Just be open and honest and answer all the questions. People get into trouble when they withhold information. Then it becomes an integrity and honesty issue. You will probably be fine.

If you are not sure that everything is accurately committed to memory, have all of your documentation at hand. Be as ready as you can be with dates and proper terminology.

Remember that “I don’t know” and “I don’t know but I can find out” are valid answers.

They shouldn’t be asking trick questions don’t over think and don’t be afraid to correct anything that the interviewer or you yourself say.


I just rescheduled my appointment for next Friday to give myself a chance to be more organized based on your comments.

I’ll search for any documents pertaining to mitigating circumstances etc, in case the BI hasn’t seen them. Due to the sheer amount of time between offense (2006) and final resolution (2015) I want to make sure I can show it was a situation that occurred over a decade ago.

Any other inputs are greatly appreciated. I’ll definitely do this interview from home so I can be as direct and candid as possible.

How would they prove the identity over the phone though? The email said have identification ready. Doesn’t seem to be a Skype type Interview

Does anybody have experience with perspecta BIs?

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Perspecta is just a government contractor. All BI are in accordance with NBIB rules and regulations. The company doing the BI is really no issue as all of the questions are the same no matter who does the interview.

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You can call the NBIB agent verification number (it works for contractors also) and they will give you the information you can use to identify the investigator.

The investigator will ask you to provide information that you have already provided (DOB, POB, perhaps your SSAN) to ensure they are talking to the correct person. You can always ask them to give you a piece of information on your SF86 that you know to verify them.

Don’t worry about not having the information during the interview. Tell the investigator you will provide any requested information within five days (2 to 5 days is common).

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Is only one investigator assigned to each case?

I ask because I recently switched jobs and emailed my investigator to let him know. He said that my clearance packet had been sent in for review and was out of his hands. Is this the review stage before adjudication? If it needs more, does it go back to him or to another investigator? Is he the only one who worked on it or are there others who also have to submit their findings?

It depends.

Usually one investigator is assigned to your case in one area. If your case spreads across a state or other states, more investigators are assigned to your case.

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From my understabding and from what my BI told me when they called for a follow up (follow up was triggered by internal review, they forgot to ask me something), there is an internal review for completeness and clarity before its returned to the requesting people for adjudication.

There a number of “follow up” types of contacts, interviews, Subject interviews, extensions,etc. This is one reason why the field BI can’t call the case field closed.

I had my interview today.

I had put my unemployment from Jan to December

He was upset because it should have been December to January.

I made the “mistake” since I stopped working in mid December and was hired in mid January . He question if I was trying to deceive or an accident. I said it’s perception. I worked during the month so I didn’t count the months. It wasn’t a mmyydddd range.

We talked about my case, he actually loosened up and started chatting about things he did that were similar and he used an analogy as to how would you expect a computer programmer to know how to start a fire with rocks.

He gave me some info on his life and his work.

He then asked me about bk from 2009, which was out of scope but I answered to the best of my abilities and recall.

He said he never dealt with someone with a felony trying to get a clearance, not a bad thing just new to him. And he said if it got on his desk they didn’t screen me out right away and wished me luck. Said he had to have it all wrapped up by Wednesday so he might have to reach out a few times.

Apparently it still has to go to nbib and then a few other places before adjudication.

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This seems like a big difference. Pieces of two months vs. 12 months?

No… I did Jan 2016 to dec 2017, he said it should have been dec 15 to Jan 2018. I argued I worked part of dec 15 and Jan 18 so why would I count those months as unemployed …

The investigator should’ve have been upset - they were trying to match up the dates.

Also, if you were unemployed from 12/30/15 to 1/1/18, the correct dates for your unemployment (employment/residence/education, etc) would be 12/15 to 1/18. Your next employment date would be 1/18 to whenever. The months should overlap - few activities end at midnight on the last day of the month and a new activity starting at midnight in the morning of the new month. Even better is giving the exact dates you were unemployed - I will report that if a Subject gives me that information.

Yeah. It was just odd. Like I’m working my govt job and a job part time… he’s asking me why and how am I able to do it.

I worked and went to college full time. He asked me why and how I was able to do it.

It’s confusing because don’t you(proverbial you) have my transcripts sitting there? I’m assuming he would have verified my employment and education before we spoke.

I think he’s only been an investigator for about 6 months. He said he’s never come across a person with a felony before, he didn’t know how to write it up, I gave a detailed account as to what happened, written on SF86. He said he was going to use that.

He never reached back out to me like he said he planned to between mon-wed, I’m guessing everything was ok.

Everything you’re describing is completely normal stuff. Overlaps in activities need to be explained.

The Investigator under no circumstances should get upset over what a Subject says or fails to disclose. We are fact finders nothing more nothing less.

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I accidentally left out “not” in my initial sentence in my earlier post.

The investigator should not have been upset. The scenario you provided is not unusual nor are the questions asked by the investigator.

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I thought you knew better. I have read your informative post before.

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No, typically there are several investigators assigned to each case, it just depends on your educational and employment background, residence, etc. Example, If you have past employment in Dallas and Chicago, that right there would be an example of why you would need more than one investigator.

I believe what your referring to when your investigator stated he sent it in for review is, once your case is covered, all of the information gathered is then compiled and sent to the agency for review, once reviewed, an adjudicator receives the case and from there decides if a clearance will be granted or denied.

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