Counting DAYS to help prevent INSANITY!


It has been 272 since I have been waiting for my clearance. Anyone want to sound off on how long you been waiting?


417 since SF86 submit. I’ve had some movement with the investigator “wrapping things up”. He told me that he was done but its been silent for over 2 months. Still no sign I am even in adjudication.


If you really want to prevent sanity, count the days.

If on the other hand you want to preserve your sanity, try to forget about it and act surprised when it comes through.


Mine took 479 from 7/1/16 through 10/21/17 . . . I submitted my SF86 and obsessed for about 10 weeks. Then I put it out of my mind. When something popped up that needed attention, I completed the task and then forgot about it again.


Lol I forgot all about it and just like to poke around here once and a while to see who has finally got it. Yes forgetting is the best thing.


Mine took 700 days. Counting days isn’t going to help with anything.


May 25 2016 submit and granted 27 November 2017. Find another job if u can while waiting


I’m currently at 463 calendar days and 332 work days for a secret: they finally got around to interviewing me last month. I totally agree with others that the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to keep your mind off the wait, including by looking for another job. Unfortunately I am largely incapable of practicing what I preach.


Based on what I’m seeing at my employer they seem to have prioritized getting new applications through rather than clearing out the backlog. Some folks are getting cleared (final) in under six months while some folks who applied earlier (like a year ago or more) are still languishing.


I know it sounds weird but it does help me. It gives me hope knowing their is light at the end of the tunnel.


Well after a year of keeping track and hoping and waiting every day for that notice, it drove me crazy. It actually killed my spirit at times when it didn’t happen on my timetable. I think it is best to forget about it and go on with your life. Then when it does finally happen, it truly is a blessing and unexpected.


I am glad you were able to get your clearance. How did they contact you for your interview? Did they call you or email you? I am curious because I am hoping they will interview me soon.


KrazyK – I was contacted by phone. The investigator called and asked for a time when I was available to go over the SF86. I actually am going through this process for a second time, because it is with a different department of government. Each time I was contacted within two months to setup the interview. If you are going for a secret clearance, and you still have not been contacted for an interview, you may not need one. Some people applying for secret clearances to not need a personal interview, only if the case manager requests it. Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with. Like I said, my first clearance process started in 2015 and took 24 months to complete. After meeting with an investigator fairly quickly, I waited for 18+ months for a final decision.


I’m at 26 months right now . SF86 was submitted 10/2015 for a TS.
Only thing happened since then was a Poly ( 9/2016 ) and SF86 review on 10/2017 “over the phone ” (which I never heard of before) and it took 3 hrs, that’s pretty much it. Very very frustrating! Feel free to chime in


I think that you should have STARTED as a concerned tax payer but you probably don’t want to get me started there . . .


This is how I got my secret clearance. Came out of the military and went to work for a security services company. A few months later the FSO said by the way you have a secret clearance.


You contact your house rep or senator?


One thing I am doing to help me stay sane is cryptocurrency. I bought Litecoin when it was under 100 dollars.


No I didn’t. You think I’ll work? Especially with IC process?


I think just with the BI. It couldn’t hurt right? You could ask them about the IC part.