Caliofrnia Jobs

Is anyone hiring in the California Bay Area or Sacramento area right now for entry-level Investigators?

I applied to SCIS, but they said all training is on hold so they are stopping all new recruiting and no word on when it will start up again.

Don’t Dude. The whole career field is a train wreck right now and there are literally thousands of trained credentialed Investigators not working…


Do you have at least one year of experience conducting background investigations to federal standards? That’s the minimum requirement for an “entry-level” field or background investigator.

But don’t do it.

There are other, better jobs in the personnel security industry.

I would not trust anything SCIS says either… They are actively hiring for roles that they just laid people off from. These were experienced, seasoned personnel who were laid off due to lack of work. Be warned!

Omg no kidding! Beware of Scis is right. In 20 yrs on this contract I’ve never been screwed over to this extent by any other of these cut throat companies like I have been by Scis which is hard to believe in this business.

I’m glad I’m not the only one! We should start a club…And I’ve been with almost every vendor now in the last 15 years, and am just shocked by SCIS. I had high hopes when I started too.

Work and Investigators will always be here but companies come and go.

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Concur SCIS is very misleading.


Like everyone else in this thread, I’d strongly urge you to stay away from this field. Former field manager here (though I was only briefly in that role). This is NOT a good field right now. If you have no law enforcement / military / security background currently, you’re better off looking into something else if you want to break into this field. Maybe Security+ or something.

Major parts of California are on lockdown anyway. May be a while.