SCIS Application Movement?

I submitted an application for an entry-level Background Investigator position a number of months ago and received an email today saying that they are looking at applications and want to know if I am still interested in the position.

Should I not hold my breath?

Is SCIS still holding new investigator training? Or, is training being done virtually over the internet?


I would honestly avoid this line of work, but if they’re asking you if you’re interested they probably plan on hiring more investigators at some point, presumably after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.



I hate to say it, but for every new applicant who wants to join this field, there are probably at least twice (if not way more) experienced investigators chomping at the bit for work.

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The MSM contracts takeover completion means SCIS is about to get a lot of work.

I’d hope they would reach out to the laid off FIs first, but if you are in the contract service area you will most likely see a training class pop up.

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Hello. I applied a while ago to SCIS for an entry level BI position and received an email today saying that I have been selected to move forward in the interview process.

My question is how will they conduct the training class in the time of COVID-19? Isn’t it 2 weeks of classroom training?


Death by PowerPoint can be conducted virtually.


Management has been hosting a lot of webinars and phone conferences.

Training with SCIS is part at home and part in class. I’m sure much of the in class detail could be done by webinar but the customer may not approve that option for training. You will have to pass thru a few other steps first before advancing to the class part.

Run away as fast as you can. Please, take my word for it. I have been in this industry for years. it will suck the life out of you. If you want mental stability and/or to keep any serious relationship/marriage, look for other employment. If you want to perform investigations, apply for a federal position. If you have not exceeded 37 years of age and have your Bachelor’s, go for the FBI or another Investigative (1811) position. The ONLY good thing about working for these companies is that we are not stuck in an office 9 hours/day and you meet very interesting people. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not the work itself that is the issue, I like the job itself, it the contracting companies that will employee you: ALL of them! Go for IT certifications, that’s what I am studying. But seriously, ALL of the companies that work these background investigative contracts are blood-sucking. I have stayed in this industry more than I wanted to (for my own reasons). I started one of the other 4 companies recently, working for all off them over the years, thinking it would be different, but it is not. They are ALL the same. I have been working on an advanced degree and studying for IT certifications so I can leave the industry. But, if you want to do this job, go federal! Again, the work itself is important, the companies are horrible!


The time between your interview and when you’d actually start training is multiple months. I’ve seen it go as quick as 3 months, but not usually. Mine was 9. You have to go through the whole investigation process yourself before you can be placed in a training class. Then the first two weeks of training are from home. Then the in person portion. I’m sure they’re hopeful that the covid stuff will be over by then.

The plan is to gain employment for a few years with SCIS, get some exp and a clearance and move on. I will try for DCSA as I have disability preference with the feds and can apply to vacancies that the public can’t.

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I’ve done the same thing. After a short time at SCIS had a fed interview but they wanted an investigator with more years on the contract. Excellent stats didn’t amount to much.

SCIS as a company is not horrible but not ideal. They have a habit of dangling promises and not following through. Management misleads and won’t answer questions transparently. From what I understand of all the companies providing contract work, this one sucks least so I’m not going to try the popcorn elsewhere. I’m sticking with the current job because I like the government work - the investigations, assisting the government with the clearance process.

I hope you get your class - more importantly you are in an area where investigations are needed.

I wonder when or if DCSA will ever have openings for investigator positions again? I check every day and haven’t seen a single investigator position posted on usajobs since NBIB was running the show. Even then it’s a slim chance of getting hired, I too claimed veterans preference but it doesn’t make a difference unless you actually know someone. I even applied for positions in BFE, Alaska at the time lol

Investigator 2019 is correct. Run as far away and as fast away as you can from any of the contractors. Everyone of them are ate up with greed!If you want to stay in this industry, your best option is to take a federal position if it ever becomes available


That’s a plan! But make sure you don’t get pigeon-holed into this job. Use it for experience and move on.

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You can always send your resume to the email address DCSA posted last fall. Mail a word document resume to The instructions in 10/2019 were as follows:

“Don’t miss your chance to submit your resume during our open enrollment period October 1st through October 31st. Submit your resume to: Resumes must be in Microsoft Word format only. Resumes must be received no later than 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time, October 31st.”


Worst case scenario - you don’t hear back or they say no. You got nothing to lose :slight_smile:

I see that SCIS is now advertising for some part-time positions. I have not see any part-time jobs since there were self employed 1099 jobs.

I believe all of their BI’s are on PT status during this time. Someone else could probably confirm or elaborate.

For the past month there are two groups: 24hrs per week or 32hrs per week - difference, probably favoritism but management would most likely say otherwise. It’s been said that this is temporary- just while COVID-19 is in play.

FTLs may have just been knocked down to 32. After all, there’s a for profit business to run.

The field has been told 40hrs will return once the COVID scene is not so inflamed but I’ll believe it when I see it.


So sorry it came to a furlough. :worried:

I knew there was an RB halt but didn’t realize reviewers were pigeon holed to one contract. Did you come to SCIS from MSM?

I second the above and I am in the same boat 11+ years and hopefully the new folks heed the warning.