Applied for SCIS, finally had a 'virtual' interview

So after passing on a job offer from Keypoint last year, I applied to SCIS as a BI after hearing good things about them (as opposed to the testimony from Keypoint BI’s).

I believe I applied about a month ago. I just finished a virtual recorded interview. It was 8 simple, common interview questions. The recorded interview supposedly then gets viewed and I’ll be contacted if they like what they see.

Anyone else go through SCIS’ hiring process? What kind of timeline am I looking at?

So was that like a phone interview? A conference call? Or they mailed you some questions and had you film yourself answering them? Just curious.

I applied for SCIS in October and haven’t heard from them yet. I’m beginning to wonder if I got screened out, although I know I met/ exceeded their minimum requirements and have a current clearance. I haven’t looked at any of the other companies because I live in Oregon, and so far SCIS is the only company I’ve seen trying to hire in my part of the state.

I asked about SCIS’s process a while back and a user named Purgatory gave me a pretty good description of what to expect. I don’t recall which thread, but it will be one of the fairly recent ones.

Best of luck to you!!

Here was my timeline of being hired:
January - Applied
April - Scheduled interview
May - Received offer
May - Met with agent to start my background investigation
August - Received approval and a start date for training in October
September - October Training class postponed/cancelled

I’m still waiting for the new investigator training program to start back up.

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@Fly_Fisher you passed up an offer with keypoint a year ago? You could have had a year in the job under your belt by now. Now your waiting in limbo for SCIS to see if you get the job. Back in October when the other two contract companies joined the fun, we had three BI’s from our team jump over to CSRA. I checked in with them after about a month and guess what, they were complaining. The grass wasn’t greener although they did get more money. They were still complaining none the less. Point i’m trying to make is, same exact job, different contractor. Don’t let other people’s opinions and experiences influence your decision too much though I guess it already has. Different people have different work ethic and personalities. Every BI has his/her own experiences and opinions which effect how they feel about the job. The way they feel about the job may not be how you feel and react to the job once you start doing it.

It was a recorded video interview with the question presented on the screen.
I was looking at myself on the screen recording the answers

That was the OP you’re referring to, not me. I never passed up a job with Keypoint or anybody else.

I applied with SCIS because they were/are the only agency with an opening posted in the area I plan to work in.

Yes- the biggest issue I had with Keypoint was that once I accepted the offer, I was locked in and committed to them, no matter how long the process took, and I was on the hook for $8500 to reimburse them if I dropped out.
The recruiter admitted it would likely take a year, but could even be significantly longer than that. A lot can happen in a year -or more- and their starting rate was rather low compared to their companies.

Sorry about that @Fly_Fisher :slightly_smiling_face: I meant @llama

I would suggest reaching out to their recruiting department, there’s recently been changes and they seem to be on top of getting back to emails right away

I just received notice that I’ve been selected for a virtual interview as well. Any chance you remember what the questions were like? Trying to prepare as best as possible!

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I’d also like to find out what the questions were like and how the virtual interview process went. I’m looking to be prepared as well.

Glassdoor is helpful for that.

Hello. I applied for a BI position with Perspecta, new name for the merging of Keypoint, Vencore and DXCGOV. The reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor are terrible for Keypoint. Since a merger took place, I am hopeful improvements have been made and wondered if anyone has any knowledge or experience with Perspecta. I would greatly appreciate any input.

only time will tell…

I also have an interview with Perspecta. Are you working for them? Does it seem any better than Keypoint?