trying to get a job with SCIS

I’ve been interested in becoming a federal background investigator for a long time. I currently live in WI but I want to move to New Orleans. SCIS had an opening there so I applied 7/30. I haven’t heard anything yet and the application is still “open”. The job has been up on job websites for about a month now. Is it a good sign the posting has been up a long time or bad? And is it normal to not hear anything for a week after applying? I applied to Keypoint 2 years ago and got passed through very quickly (about a month from 1st apply to skype interview and offer) but couldn’t because of a family issue. Is SCIS on the same timeline in terms of speed or does it generally take longer? How do you like SCIS as a company and is there anything I can do to speed up the process or get a foot in the door?

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