SCIS Hiring Process

For anyone that has been through the hiring process for SCIS BI, once you had your phone interview how long did it take to receive an offer of employment? And if they do not offer employment do you hear anything from them? Do they let you know you’re no longer being considered? Had my phone interview/writing sample last week and wondering how long before I get an offer or move on. Thank you for any input!

Hi! I interviewed in March of 2018 and I was told I would hear something back in two weeks. I called every few months to check and was told no news yet. Then, I received a CJO in September 2018. Good luck! It seems to be a long slow process.

Are you still going through the clearance process?

Ok, looks like it could be awhile. Thank you!

I am. I submitted my SF86 in October of 2018 and only recently has there been much movement. I met with my BI last week, and they interviewed friends and contacts. I was told I would hear something definitive by the end of the year. But it has been a long time being in what I consider, limbo.

If there is anything that I have noticed from this discussion board, and based on my experience, everyone is unique and so every situation is going to be unique. I also found out that just because you may have applied for a position, it does not mean that there is an opening right now. I think that would add further delay… you apply for a position that you think is open to find out that there really isn’t an open position… yet the process takes years…

That has to be a difficult way to do business. These companies must lose a lot of good applicants due to the process being so lengthy and unpredictable. And I wonder what their reason is for posting jobs where there is no actual opening? Just planning for the possibility that there will be work in the area in the future?

I’ve had my current job as a police officer for 21 years, and am not in a huge hurry to move on. But if I were unemployed and looking for a job, I guess it wouldn’t even be reasonable to pursue a career in this industry.

Good luck with your process and thank you for the information.