SCIS, BI, Conditional Offer Dec. 21

Received a COE on Dec. 21 with SCIS for BI. Have been told be the HR/BI recruiting office that I should be getting emails about the next step “soon.” Anyone with recent experience with SCIS, what is soon? Additionally, I have a secret clearance and already gathered most, if not all, of the necessary information for SF86. Anyone that can answer the first inquiry, could you answer how long this will take SCIS to send the SF86 to OPM for investigations to start? Lastly, does SCIS do an extensive background prior to the actual sponsoring of the clearance? My COE suggests that SCIS will do their own check before submitting it to OPM, because the conditional is “check on references and completion of background obtaining a TS” (paraphrased). Thanks everyone!

Th3 R3al1st

It is not unusual for contractors to do a pre-screen before submitting someone for a clearance, but I don’t think an actual investigation is involved.

Check these forums for SCIS, I think there have been a few recent posts about people having their offers rescinded for no apparent reason (except maybe SCIS didn’t have as much work as they expected).