Hiring in California?

Is anyone hiring for entry-level investigators in the Sacramento, CA area? Everything seems to have dried up.

Which companies still have the contract? SCIS has pulled all of the open positions. Perspecta??

How many years of background investigation or other closely related investigative experience do you have?

I have about a year of being a Personnel Security Assistant working with the Piv Card and HSPD-12. Also, a few years with the State military Dept. working in HR/personnel security.

Why do you ask?

Omniplex is hiring in certain areas, but if you don’t have BI experience I wouldn’t bother right now. The market is flooded w/experienced BI’s who can’t find a job.

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A lot of BIs are going into the Security field. Not sure where you are located but that seems to be the majority of job listings at DCSA.

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Because you need at least a year of BI experience to become an “entry level” BI.

Why leave PERSEC? That’s where the money and stability is.