Sacramento, CA Entry Level Investigators

Hi all. I am trying to gain employment as an Investigator with a OPM/NBIB contractor in the Sacramento area, but can’t seem to find any entry level positions being advertised. There a a ton of either experienced Investigator positions or applicants needing to have an active clearance, but no advertisements for applicants who do not hold a clearance.

I see vacancies for the SF Bay Area and the San Jose, CA area, but not the Sacramento area. And there hasn’t been any for some time.

Anyone know of a contractor looking for non-credentialed Investigators in Sacramento, CA?

Your best bet is to get on LinkedIn and make contact with recruiters at various BI contractors.

A note though in my talks with recruiters, an “entry-level” BI job is not true entry level. They want you to already be cleared, but not necessarily experienced in BI work.

ACI Federal, for example, advertises for “entry-level” BI jobs nationwide; however, they do not sponsor (pay for) the work involved to get a new investigator cleared for required access. Other, larger contractors may sponsor.

Try SCIS. Look for Sacramento, Fresno, or March AFB on their list.