Background Investigators, how long did it take to get approved to work on the OPM contract?

Hi all,

How long did it take you from when you submitted your Eqip to when you were told that you were approved to work on the OPM contract?

I’m currently at 2.5 months since I returned my Eqip. This will be my first job out of grad school so each week without word is really digging into me. I haven’t be notified about interim clearance but I have been scheduled for training starting in September. The BI that interviewed me was nice enough to reply to a desperate email of mine and told me all fieldwork was complete. But I called the NBIB FOIA number a month later and they said that my case was still open. Maybe he just meant their portion of the investigation. Any insights?

I figure there are many in this position, so please share how long it took you to get a favorably adjudicated T5 investigation. For prospective BI in the future, hang in there! One thing I’ll say if that I’m lucky enough to actually get to do this job, I’ll work my ass off trying to get cases done because I know how stressful the wait can be!


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I’ll be the first to reply. Interviewed during January and was hired during April. Went to NIT during May.

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Submitted in late July, working by early September.

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Oh sorry if I was unclear. I mean interviewed for your T5 investigation, not for the job. Did you have an interim or a finalized adjudication when you went to NIT?

Did you start working on an interim adjudication or a finalized adjudication?

I really couldn’t tell you as I was not tracking my clearance status as the process went on and of course they don’t update you. I would imagine that adjudication would need to be obtained before they spend money and time on training.

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I started with a final.

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Did you ever get any solid answers on this? I can tell you that I had a job offer in November, submitted all paperwork immediately, had my personal BI interview in December and am still waiting. The report that came out earlier this year indicated wait times for Secret are around 221 days and 534 days for TS. I was told by the agent who interviewed me that there was a note in my file indicating it was to be expedited due to the job (they have to get more BI’s in to the system in order to catch everyone else up, right?) Yet, here I sit. 8 months later. The contract company offers no insight or encouragement whatsoever while you are waiting and certainly no opportunity to work with an Interim. You are just in limbo. I have exhausted my savings and taken part-time jobs but at some point, I have to set a limit for myself. I can’t wait 17-18 months for a job. I was told when I interviewed with the initial recruiter that the wait time would be 2-6 months.

For which company?
I was told the same- 2 or 3 months with a clean background. It’s been 5 months now…

The BI candidates for NBIB are a high priority. If you case is taking this long then there was stoppage, such as employment or references in the San Francisco or Los Angeles areas (for example). There might be a law check or an uncooperative source.

The good news is that if there has not been a second contact/subject interview then your case is moving forward. NBIB agents conduct the T5 for all of the OPM/NBIB contractors and their candidates.

backgdinvestigator, Thank you so much for that information and succinct reply!!! That makes sense and fits with what my experience has been so far.

I received a job offer in early March and I received an interim determination in late April. I was not notified of my interim status until July which caused much unnecessary stress. I will be begin working in September with an interim determination as I am yet to receive my final

I have been offered a government job back in May. My background check was completed also in May. I once held a secret clearance in the military but when exiting the military my clearance was revoked instead of suspended. It’s now approx. 3 months later and I have not received anything. FSO says it has been assigned to an investigator. So I guess my question is how long after an investigator is assigned a case does it take to reach a decision?

That seems to be a big factor in why so many of our responses here differ. The installation BI’s here would be supporting does not allow contractors to work under Interim due to the nature of the work.

Well training is 7 weeks so maybe I’ll get a final determination before then. Who knows. I’ve asked the question but didn’t receive an answer haha. I know people that currently work in the Intelligence Community that have interim clearances though.