TS/SCI adjudication time?

  • TS/SCI from 2002-2017 @ IC
  • TS from 2017-current @ DoD
  • applied to go back to previous Site/Customer
  • completed CI Poly mid August (unresolved, hits on Foreign National parts only) 15 years in FVEY country, married to Foreign National with dual-nat children, divorce upcoming
  • investigator advised that BI package done and “sent up to 2nd level for review then to customer”

I understand that the Whole Person Concept is meant to mitigate any issues found in other sections so I’m hoping that my Foreign Nationals hits are able to be mitigated by everything else. What is the current adjudication time-frame for previously cleared TS/SCI IC folks who are trying to ‘come back to the fold’. I know this is a subjective question but just curious.

I don’t think the fact that you were cleared before should have any impact on the timeline.

If you are at 2nd level review I guess that means you made it through the first level so that’s a good sign… but I’m not sure what you mean when you say your CI poly was ‘unresolved.’

So my polygrapher told me that “all your CI parts were fine but you kept hitting on the Foreign National parts”, I asked if this meant I passed or failed and they said “you did not successfully clear the polygraph”. When I questioned what this meant exactly the response was that the poly was “unresolved”.

I’m trying to keep positive and hope that the adjudication process goes quick, which was the purpose of this post I guess - get an idea of how long adjudication takes in the IC usually.

Also, do you know if adjudicators ever call to speak to the person directly or is everything done via letter or middle-men when it comes to them trying to mitigate something in the file?

It can go both ways. The adjudicator can have an investigator do a follow-up or they can reach out to you directly.

I’ve heard “inconclusive” or “unsuccessful” to describe a polygraph but not “unresolved.” Maybe its the new buzzword.

Do you need to have ‘passed’ the polygraph for your clearance to be adjudicated?

Personally (including my own experience as well as that of coworkers), I’ve never heard of anyone getting cleared without a ‘successful’ polygraph. However some people on this forum say they have done so. The powers that be say it is a “whole person” concept. Theoretically this could allow some wiggle room.

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So on Sept 4 my Investigator advised that my BI went to their 2nd level internal review before going to the customer, and on Sept 13 my new company (hopefully) advised that the Customer told them the “Poly is completed but still waiting on the full BI which is ‘in the field’ since July 9 and should be back for adjudication any time”.

The company told me they will “try to get it pumped up in priority…but can’t do anything until the final report comes in”. Once things are sent to a Customer (IC) any idea on what a bumped up adjudication timeline might be like?

For me, my BI finished up in June 2019. Heard nothing until March 2020, when they called me for a polygraph and said I was high priority. After the polygraph it took about another two weeks for me to receive a favorable adjudication.

Apologies if that doesn’t really clear things up for you. But just telling you this because if anyone mentioned you are a priority case, then it might be quick. Otherwise it’s really just up in the air.

If you don’t mind me asking, what type of position is it for? And just broadly, like IT or linguist.

@riazur31 - was your poly successful?

@M_B89 - it’s an IT/Comm position

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My position was for engineering. And yes, my polygraph was successful. I was adjudicated favorable about 2 weeks after the successful polygraph.

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Update for those who are interested: my prospective companies Security emailed and advised that my package (BI and ‘unresolved’ Poly) have gone to the Customer for adjudication, the Customer in turn has come back asking for clarification and I now have a virtual interview with my Investigator on Tuesday.

December 2019 - SF86 turned around and returned
FQ 2020 - asked to return to the US for all necessary Security work but I could not accommodate as I did not have my US passport on hand…for reasons.
Mid 2020 - COVID hit or got worse, etc
July/Aug 2020 - travelled to US for Poly and BI interview with Investigator in NOVA
Aug 2020 - returned to Overseas/Allied country for my normal work/contract
Aug/Sept 2020 - received word that BI was in internal 2nd level review before going to Customer
Sept 2020 - no more contact from Investigator, my prospective company advised they will push for priority adjudication
Current - advised that Investigator would like to have a virtual interview for clarification purposes as the Customers request


Be interested to hear what they want clarification on. Also, since you worked for both in the past, is this newish clearance for the IC or DOD?

@riazur31 Is yours for the DOD too?

Sorry if I missed that somewhere.

My investigation was with the IC.

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@M_B89 My current investigation is for an IC TS/SCI. I previously held clearance & access at this same level, for the same customer, and at the same location…you could say that I’m ‘trying to go home’ as it were.

I actually found myself in a weird position trying to go back to the IC from the DoD. My five year mark on my TS/SCI was in May 2020 so I was within that window when I applied to go back to the Customer but this particular Customer has their own requirement that all personnel being put forward MUST HAVE an active TS/SCI within four (4) years. My prospective company asked if they would waive the requirement since my TS/SCI was still active but they would not, I can only assume (and I don’t blame them for it) that they denied the request because I was no longer inside the IC and has dropped down to only a TS with SAP briefs. In the end they requested a full SF86 and a full BI with CI poly.

I’m not expecting any issues with the followups from adjudication so just keeping positive about the next month.

If I might give advice to anyone thinking about leaving the IC and going to the DoD - If you think you might want to go back to the IC, if there is any notion of returning to a job you previously did…DO NOT switch lanes. This is only my opinion but I regret it and wish I hadn’t of done it.

I saw one that said two years!

Agencies that are doing that are not following IC directives on reciprocity. It’s simply a waste of time and resources in many cases, redundancy on top of redundancy. I’ve long thought there should be an agency with some teeth that can hold agencies accountable for not abiding by these rules.

@MasonG - I don’t think reciprocity has anything to do with a particular agency/office wanting their folks cleared within a particular yearly range.

My TS that followed me to the DoD is coming back to the IC so that is reciprocity right there but my five year total was not what they wanted - I can only assume (yes I know one shouldnt do that) that a Customer doesn’t want to bring someone on board that will have to go right back into an reinvestigation which could in turn bring about disqualifying info…thereby negating bringing them on in the first place.

Actually some guidance was sent out (was it from ODNI? @Amberbunny2 ?) that clearances do not “expire” as long as the person is continuously in an active status. This guidance came out a few years ago when lots of people were waiting a long time (like 2 years plus) for their periodic reinvestigations to be finally adjudicated.

Yes, the ‘reciprocity’ does provide for certain exceptions and some agencies seem to rely on those exceptions more than others.

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I find State the most stubborn and difficult to work reciprocity with. The problem comes if you are out beyond 6 years of BI and quit a contract, are fired, or just part ways and get read out. Another company may not be able to use reciprocity on you once the clearance sponsorship was terminated from last company. That break in access even if just days…seems difficult to get turned back on. It can be done. I’ve done it by using my government security lead to push it. That takes a close respectful working relationship.