TS/SCI adjudication time?

So my BI and Poly (unresolved) are with the customer, and as previously stated my PE has requested expedited adjudication. I’ve heard the bottleneck has moved up to Adjudication from Investigation so I’m curious…within the IC what is a normal length of time for Adjudication?

I’ve no criminal background or any problems with The Law, but I am married to a foreign national (with 3 kids) of an Allied/Partner country. I’m trying to go back to a job/location/customer that I was already cleared at and employed for many years.

There really is no “normal.” Each case complexity determines time. Over the past 2 years foreign connections seem to slow a person down. But it is by no means a show stopper. It just takes time. 6 months isn’t unusual in adjudication.

@Amberbunny2 - Thanks for your insight as always. I guess I’m just curious about the actual process, which is something kept close to the chest I’m guessing.

  • is it a panel or just one person…per package?
  • is it one-in & one-out or several at a time?
  • do the Adjudicators bounce their adjudicatees(?) off of the Customer for their thoughts?

Just curious. I’m sure if anyone knows they aren’t allowed to tell but objective/educated guesses are always welcome. Thanks again.

My understanding is each member reviews packages. Files etc, determines decision. Those going for denial face a literal board where someone can express a differing opinion. But much like military promotion boards after a few rounds everyone is pretty much on the same page, scoring within a half point of each other. The adjudicative reasons, and accepted mitigation are clear to me. If there is nothing there…no worries. We get wrapped around the axle creating negative thought storms like “maybe I did have a felony and didn’t know?” If credit is fair or higher and any dip in maintaining it is clearly explained like loss of job, under employment, loss of spouse job…you are fine. The areas most detrimental in my experience are outright lies contradicted by previous forms, developed info or folks quibbling in the interview. Shading the truth usually comes across negative. Trying to recover from a lie…is a steep hill.

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Does anyone know how subsequent Polygraphs requests work during an Adjudication Period? My full package has been with the Customer for adjudication for about a month now, my poly was unresolved as well. I’m curious how an unresolved polygraph is dealt with…would I expect to hear back quickly when it comes to a poly status like mine or does the entire adjudication have to be completed before they ask me back for a second poly.

Not sure if that makes sense or not sorry.

I’ve seen them request poly redo next day, same week, following week…snd then mine once held out 5 months before getting called back. No rhyme. No reason. They will complete poly portion prior to adjudication. I’ve seen 3 polys several times. Never saw 4. One lady was kept dangling 3 years. They will say unresolved, but not call you back. They say all clear, you get called back. I choose to regard them as time share sales. Nuggets of truthiness are given that in no way equal truth. Just something to be endured.

Some years ago I was cleared with Agency X with a CI scope poly. Eventually they decided I needed ESP (expanded scope poly, a new term I learned thanks to something posted by @Marko) and I did it… inconclusively.

Eventually came to be put in for clearance with Agency Y. They accepted my most recent investigation from Agency X but wanted to do their own CI poly, which I passed with no issues… but nothing happened until I retook the poly with Agency X… successfully this time.

I don’t know if that relates to your question but it does demonstrate that an inconclusive poly can be the elephant in the room.

Do people still say that? The elephant in the room?

So this is where I get confused - my CI poly was on Aug 27 where it was an all day affair as I was classified as an ‘out of towner’ which supposedly means they go longer to ensure no need for Go-Backs. At the end I was told it was Unresolved and I “did not successfully complete the polygraph”.

I would have thought that if my Poly wasn’t good that I would have heard back by now considering my package went to the Customer on Sept 30 as per my Investigator. My curiosity is of course balanced by the fact that I could be sitting in a pile and have been yet untouched!

I’ve seen them forward to adjudication unresolved. That word doesn’t imply guilt. But they will let adjudication decide if they want an in person interview, phone discussion, or sign a conduct letter.

Received some not so good news, any idea or thoughts?

“Customer Security team…pressed them for status. The response came back to expect an extended adjudication process and no given time period was provided”


Have either of you ever heard of something like this? If it was an outright NO I would of expected something right away.

I myself have never heard of this kind of response.

It is possible that EVERYONE being processed by this customer is going through an extended adjudication process.

The closest to this I ever heard of was some years back when a major program was massively restructured (more or less cancelled) and the customer told us that about 20 people were not going to be cleared “at this time.”

I think it is the equivalent of “experiencing unusually heavy call volume.” Most offices are staggering hours, days, and relying on zoom. Hang in there. It was always slow. Now slower. Covid-slow? Sloth like.

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“the BI is back from the field and ‘additional security processing is required’. Having been an adjudicator, that likely means there is some adverse information that needs to be fleshed out”.

What kind of timeline or further contact/requests can I expect?

Pre covid…during covid…staggered office hours…hard to say. You would be better versed as prior adjudicator on my next sentence. I saw it as if only a phone call clarification was required it was truly below minor. If an Indepth private secure conversation was required it was bigger in scope. If they insisted you needed come in person…it was bigger…and quite possibly disqualifying based on answers and evidence provided. I was once called back pre covid 5 months later for another poly, and on another occasion I required a 3 minute one on one call from an adjudicator to clarify a response.

I’ve seen the smallest of details slow a person down.