Unsure about re-polygraph status/timeline

Hi all, another quick question. I am currently processing for a TS/SCI (submitted forms in June 2019). I sat for a full scope poly in November 2019 and was told I passed the CI but was inconclusive (“all over the place”) on the lifestyle section.

The polygrapher was incredibly nice and told me to speak to the front desk to schedule a time to come back in for a re-poly. The receptionist said that they didn’t have any open slots for a re-poly for a while, but said that the agency would contact me soon with a date to come in within a few weeks.

A couple days later, I sat down with my investigator for the interview. They mentioned that my case was being “expedited” by the client and that they needed to submit my case within the next week or so. After that, my investigator called for a few follow-up questions (generally work history confirmation stuff) and inferred that they were in the process of finishing up my case on their side within a few days.

Since then, aside from a December 2019 call from HR saying I’m still processing (I’m sure some know what I’m talking about), I have heard nothing regarding my individual case or a date for re-poly, 6 months later.

What I’m wondering is if its possible that my inconclusive results have been sent to adjudication alongside my file without me being informed? Or is it more likely that a date for my second poly fell into COVID limbo at some point after November?

If you’ve made it to this point, thank you for reading and any insight offered.

Hi. As I understand polygraphs and CI interviews are not being scheduled at this time. I am waiting for mine being scheduled too. Are there anybody who can shed a light on it?

I dont think you are ever notified when your case is sent to adjudication. Also the security portion for your clearance and the security portion for your suitability aren’t necessarily handled by the same office. So your clearance could still be processing but you could be denied suitability for not passing the lifestyle portion.

Things have been weird for the past couple of months. You should start to hear something in the next couple of weeks as people are returning to their stacks of work, lol. Keep in mind also the HR POC and the person processing your suitability/clearance are different and will not know anything until they receive an answer.