IC adjudication and TS/SCI

Would an IC agency submit an applicant (who has pssed poly, passed initial suitabilty, no criminal background but who has had a lot of foreign travel and was born in a hostile nation) who they thought could not pass for a security clearance?

I would greatly appeticate all insights. Please share your opinion.

I’m not an investigator buy my personal experience with my clearance and my colleagues is your own personal history (your foreign contacts and personal habits) is probably more important than where you were born or where you travel to.

Yes but I am curious to would the agency risk spending all those resources if they thought that my risk was too high based on what I listed on my sf86?

Yes they would if the candidate had special hard-to-find skills. Of course it can take much longer for a person in this situation to get their final clearance, sometimes three years or longer.

Another question to ask would be, is a person willing to wait that long?

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Okay then I’m not really sure what to think. I’ve repeatedly asked them if anything in my sf86 is disqualifying and they keep saying no. I mentioned my concerns again during my PSI interview that went over my sf86 and the security personnel still said nothing is disqualifying. I mentioned my concerns during polygraph which I passed first time and even she said not disqualifying. And now I’m submitted for my BI. Everything I’ve read points to me not being able to get a TS/SCI, but the agency keeps saying I’m good.

I would also mention that i was told i would be on an expedited BI due to having a certain skill. I just want to know my chances so I can drop out.

Also did you mean that its more likely that i wont get a ts sci clearance or that itll just take a long time?

The recruiters or even the ppl who hired you are not trained for or act in risk assessment. Just because they submit you doesn’t mean the adjudicator will allow you to come on board. Lots of overzealous adjudicators on different end of the spectrum, its not a good system at all and all the agencies are different. CIA is the worst at it.

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There are very few things that are automatically disqualifying, and even if a person has some of these red flags they will probably get dragged through the entire process.

I heard of a guy who had lived in Russia for a time… not just for language study. This was not a Russian-born US citizen but somebody who got a job working there, I think maybe after studying there. He eventually got cleared… but it took a while. That’s just one example of a positive outcome.

I would like just to know if I should remove myself as to. not waste my time. Furthermore all direcives and security guidance has come from HQ in DC, so the decision making is entirely guided not by locale office but rather some very very high ups. I am not sure how sc goes because i have never had one especially a ts sci, but why would HQ who knows better be doing this to me?

It is for a 3 letter agency but i wont say which. I’ve spoken to OPM management and security personnel as well as well as gone through polygraph. Im afraid im wasting my time…

This is a problem that many people face, whether they should put their lives on hold while this process completes, or if they should find another job and get on with their lives. If you take this second option, when you finally get the final job offer for the cleared job, you can make the choice yourself… that is, take the cleared job or tell them to pound sand.

Some years back I applied for a job with ATF and didn’t hear anything for months. In the meantime I accepted another job. When ATF finally called (just for an interview, not a final offer), I wanted to say “hey if you called me nine months ago when I applied I’d be happy to talk to you, but I’ve got this other job now so thanks but no thanks.” But instead I just politely declined.

Not to demotivate potential seekers I waited for 5 years only for the TJO to be withdrawn with no reason given or NO denial of clearance …

I was already cleared by the same agency as a contractor when i started the process(bcoz i wanted to be a fed) ofcourse I had plan B too…

I still ponder WTH happened !!!


I’ve talked to them and they told me it’ll take them less than 6 months for EVERYONE including BI :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

What is going on?

What exactly does that six months cover? The investigation? Or the adjudication as well?

Most likely that is a standard response they give to everyone.

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