Pending SCI Adjudication

I was told that that my SCI is still pending for final Adjudication so does that mean my TS is already adjudicated?

Back story: I already have active Secret/SSBI and I recently passed my CI Polygraph. I was offered a job where it requires TS/SCI and I did my Poly a month ago.

It is in the final stages aka last step. Whether the clearance is granted or not is hard to say.

is it possible that TS comes first and then SCI?

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or it’s gonna come together?

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TS and SCI usually are adjudicated together unless there’s a compelling need. So, one does not come before another.

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SCI is not a clearance its a briefing after the TS is adjudicated .SCI is a process after you are indoctrinated into a cleared program not all SCIs are same.

In my case I was adjudicated for a TS/SCI Eligibility (process took 9 months). Then I had to fill out Agency specific clearance forms for the SCI adjudication (took a year).

So the whole process took a 1 year and 9 months?

Yes, but I did have a lot of overseas travel while active duty military. This may have slowed the process.