Clearance eligibility date granted

I am waiting on A TS-SCI and found on (TWMS) Total Workforce Management Services. CLEARANCE ELIGIBILITY DATE GRANTED and a date of late August. Does this mean that clearance has been adjudicated by DoD CAF and is now waiting on the organization to grant a final clearance for SCI access?

Appreciate the info.

Sorry for the caps in title.

TS and SCI are two separate processes. One must have a TS before they can be processed for SCI. My guess is you were granted a TS and now they have started the SCI portion and it depends on the granting agency as to how long they will take.

Are there any guidelines on time for this process.

Marko thank you for the information.

It all depends on the agency granting the SCI and the priority for your position. No definitive timelines and each individual is different based on possible issues.

Finally have a start date. Thanks and good luck all.