Questions about DIA TS timeline

I’m about 7 months into waiting for a TS clearance to work with the DIA. Doing my BI right now and about a month into that. Does anyone know about what the DIAs timeline is? It’s my understanding that they don’t use the NBIB so they are quicker but does anyone know? This is for an first job out of college IT related position.

Also if the clearance is granted and I don’t get a final job offer do I still have a clearance and would I be able to put a TS/SCI on my resume and go to another place?

Let the fun begin, you’ve got years to wait. Quick and clearance shouldn’t even be used on the same continent.

Yep, I think for a TS/SCI is over 500 days from start to finish regardless of agency

A buddy of mine recently got cleared for a TS with DIA and it took 10 months. He held a active TS DOD clearance. If you have no prior clearance it could take longer, or not… :slight_smile:

I believe the SCI is dependent on each individual agency. You may be able to put TS/SCI Eligible.