Clearance Has taken 3 yrs

I applied for a position with one agency but I then got hired as a contractor at a different one. I notified the investigator when I did my interview but it never changed. As I was trying to find out if they stopped one of the applications I found both had been going two years. One finally fell of but I haven’t heard from my contractor position in regards to the clearance.

It’s been three years since I applied. Do they ever make a decision or just provide no decision at all? Would an attorney help resolve it?

Contact your FSO. Are you accessing classified now at work? Your company is required to ensure you are cleared for access.

I’ve contacted my FSO they won’t give me any information as to the status just keeps telling me they are working on it. I’m not currently able to access anything beyond unclassified because I don’t access to go further to complete the other work needed. So right now I’m only doing work around type of work which makes takes away my knowledge of the actual work.

If I were the FSO…I’d contact the client security office to shake tree on any “old dogs”. Those are clearances stuck somewhere. At times they literally do get stuck. Just sit somewhere not moving and an inquiry breaks it free.

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