How long is too long?

In 2017 I applied for a contractor position with one of the big government contractors in the DC area. The job is with one of the IC agencies in VA. I currently hold a secret clearance from DOD and was told that per contract requirements, the government agency is the one processing the clearance upgrade and not the employer. I submitted the SF86 about a year later - June 2018, and completed a full scope Poly in January 2019. After that it was complete radio silence until February of last year, when a government investigator contacted me for a subject interview. He said that I was in the final stage of my clearance upgrade and that I should hear something from my FSO within the next few weeks. It’s been a year now and the upgrade is still in process according to the company FSO. It’ll be 4 years this June and i’m just wondering if this is normal. Like how long is this going to drag? Why would the investigator say i’m in the final stages if I wasn’t? None of my references were contacted either. The employer is insisting that they are interested in bringing me and that they cannot do anything about the process.

Not “normal” or “typical” but not unheard of.

Do you have extensive foreign contacts or periods where you lived overseas? Things like that can definitely slow things down.

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I have been doing the same job for about 16 years. Most of it was overseas. But no one from my colleagues was contacted either.

In many cases the investigator may develop their own sources to interview and you may no longer be in contact with those people. So that’s why it may seem like nobody has been contacted.

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This is taking a long time, but sadly, this isn’t unusual. Hang in there.
With Covid, the understaffing in those areas doing the work and the normal backlogs, it just continues to get worse.

I’ll be damned. I received a call that it has finally been approved. 4 years after submitting the SF86.