Clarification for my status in JPAS please

Hi all, I am going for a secret clearance with a DoD contractor and I submitted my sf86 May 2016. Every time I ask my FSO about my status in JPAS, she tells me my case is “open”. Does this still mean my case is still in the initial stages of investigations? The only movement that I have seen so far is a credit check back in August. Thanks in advance.

Open means the investigation has started but has not been completed. Back in May 2016 probably took DSS about 4 to 6 weeks to submit your case to OPM for investigation. There’s been a 500,000 case backlog at OPM for the past several months. Average case completion times for the fastest 90% of Secret (Tier 3) investigations is 158 days. If you combine these two figures with about 15 days for adjudication you get about 265 days end-to-end. With an average of 265 days the range is probably between 180 days and 360 days for the fastest 90%. If there are moderate to major issues in your case expect a Subject Interview and expect the entire process to take over a year. In addition to the credit check, your current and past supervisors, etc., should have received letter inquiries by now.

@WaitingForSecret I work for a defense contractor and for new hires, new grads right out of school, it is taking about a year to get a final Secret clearance. I don’t know how long before they get contacted for an interview or anything.

Just one data point, maybe others will chime in.

All Concerned,

Here is my timeline
Submitted SF86 August 17th 2016 accepted by OPM.
Early to Mid Nov 2016 credit pulled and employer reference checks completed.
Nov 14th 2016 JPAS states investigation opened.
Feb 14th 2017 investigator contact and interview completed.
Feb 17th 2017 investigator submits his finding to his company for transfer to OPM…

Then back on the Stand by to Stand By …

Thanks for the replies, it is really frustrating to wait this long after college and still not work. I will update this post if I see any progress with my case! Good luck to you all waiting.

@Bryan_Bourn we seem to be on the same boat.
August 23rd submission
Subject interview Oct 27th
All references checked with a face to face interview including neighbors, employers, schools & residencies.
Nov 15th Investigator gave a courtesy call to say his done with his "his part of investigation.
Nearly 175 days since submission. Just silence.