Closing old security investigations!

Hi everyone, I recently went through this nightmare and thought I would share so that no one else would do this and end up wasting months of their time.

Back in April 2015, I accepted a position that required Secret clearance. I submitted my SF-86, waited a few months, and ended up declining the offer in the middle of the process. I accepted another job, and moved on with my life.

Fast forward to July 2018. I accept a DoD contractor position that requires a TS/SCI. I am told I cannot submit paperwork or start that new investigation because my old investigation is still open, and must be closed first. They say they have submitted a close request on my behalf.

About 4 months pass, and I hear nothing. The old Secret investigation is still open. I feel like all they have to do is go into the system and mark it as closed. But nothing. Finally, I reach out to my Congressman, who contacts OPM on my behalf.

A month later I get a letter from my senator. It has a statement from OPM: “Due to the backlog, there was no process for closing old investigations. However, we have closed this file as requested.”

Just wanted to put this out there. If you have an old investigation that was never completed, it may have never been closed. And it may prevent you from getting new investigations started.

Wanted to share my story for others out there who may also be in my shoes.I ended up wasting around 6 months just for my old investigation to close. Now I can finally start my new investigation, and that’s a new adventure of its own. Good luck to all!

That responsibility falls on the FSO for the company originally submitting you. One of two things kept it open 3 plus years: it was either sitting in a dead letter office…they may have called the FSO for more info and he never provided it…purgatory of sorts…or there is significant issues still being looked at. I know at times I fat finger the wrong office and send a cancellation notice to office A rather than office B, which gets terminations. If they don’t send a note to tell me “wrong office,” I think they are shut off but may not be. I can get a new clearance roster 4 times a year. It is up to me to track each and every one and I can tell you it is a bear to keep up with when you have over 430 clearances give or take a dozen. What should happen is that once you get submitted for a new clearance if anything is still usable from the existing one in process they should get it and use it. But with it being 3 years old…NACS are out of date so most if not all isn’t even usable.

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Thank you for your input, I figured one of the things you said may have happened. However, I found it odd that after getting my senator involved, I got a letter from OPM and the agency stating “Due to the backlog, there was no process for closing old investigations.” As long as it’s closed, I’m fine. I just wanted to put this information out there in case anyone else ends up waiting months on end for an old investigation to close.

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