Finding a sponsor - help!

I held a TS/SCI/FSP for 20 years continuously but it expired in 2012 and I went into other work not requiring a clearance. I’m interested in getting back into cleared work (indeed, approaching desperation).

I am a certified HUMINT collector with lots of specialized overseas experience (incl. multiple languages and subj matter expertise), but so far I am running into a wall in terms of finding a company that will sponsor me for a clearance. Is it the long lead time, the cost, the effort, or something else? Once I tell recruiters I don’t have a current clearance, they just lose interest.

Any advice on finding a company willing to sponsor me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Like everybody else, you need to find a company that wants to hire you. You might have to step back and take a position that you would normally think of as “beneath” you. Yes, it’s harder to find a job when you don’t have a clearance because the process is taking so long at this point. It could, even though you were cleared for years, take two years for you to get cleared now.

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I think it will be relatively hard to find a company to sponsor you given the current state of the security clearance process. If you want to get your clearance, apply for jobs as fed or join national guard (do not take this lightly).

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will look into “lower” level options. Shame the clearance process is so slow.

I think that the backlog situation is equally absurd in the IC (unless, perhaps, one is a Presidential appointee).