Clearance currently being sponsored, what are my options?

In the process of getting a clearance right now and was wondering how/when I could renegotiate terms of the cleared job. I have almost 4 years of experience in cloud engineering, and 1-2 years in infosec. Half a year ago, I was offered a security job that would require a TS/SCI clearance and the company said they’d sponsor it. I signed a preliminary “job offer”-- not really an offer but a statement of intent so they could start the clearance process.

I got a different job doing cloud engineering in the meantime. My uncleared job pays a good bit more than was offered for the TS/SCI job, and is in cloud engineering. I already had more experience working in cloud and I think I’d prefer to continue working in it. In half a year to a year, I should have a TS/SCI clearance and 4-5 years of experience in cloud engineering. It makes no sense to take a pay cut to start an entry level job in a different field.

How can I do the right thing by the company sponsoring my clearance while looking out for myself? Can I apply for other jobs with them doing something cloud related? If I try to change anything, could the clearance process by stopped? Is it inappropriate to apply for jobs with other companies in addition to the one sponsoring the clearance?

Well, At this point your investigation is out of your hands. You need to find out who is sponsoring your clearance. The great thing is once you get your clearance you do not have to sign with the company that is sponsoring you. Use you clearance and get paid even more money. Trust me the TS/SCI is like a Golden ticket.