What are my options after getting cleared?


I applied for a job that sponsored my clearance back in 2019 and I just recently (A few days ago) got cleared for a TS/SCI with poly. The job I applied for isn’t currently available and I have moved to a different city since then.

After hearing back it looks like they want to put me in another position in the same city as the original job. The issue for me is that I don’t meet the requirements for either of these jobs since I studied Engineering not IT.

Another issue is that I waited so long that I moved on and started working in the private sector hoping to stay in the city I live in short term.

The company I cleared with is in my city but it seems like they might want me to move back to the original city which I am not willing to do for a job not in my field or a job that won’t help me push forward as an Engineer.

Any thoughts on this?


If your cleared in DISS/SC you might not need to go back to them (assuming this is for a contractor position). If you don’t show up there yet, then you might be SOL and have to start over with your new job. The good news is that you might be able to use the investigation you just completed.

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How would I know whether I am in DISS/SC?

You don’t. A prospective employer might be able to look it up.

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If you know which customer/agency you were going to work for, you might be able to tell where your clearance resides.

It might be valuable to know that piece of information in the event you find a new employer that can’t find your clearance because they don’t have access to that system.
You might be able to clue them in for the proper clearance transfer…

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