Suggestions for new clearance

I’m a recent master’s degree graduate in National Security and am looking to start a career within the IC. Besides applying to jobs within the public sector, any suggestions on where to look for opportunities that will sponsor my clearance? I’m smart, ambitious, and just need an employer to invest in me.

Join the military, either active duty or reserves. will list jobs requiring a clearance. If you have stellar records, little to no recreational drug use (might be hard fresh out of college) and your loans are paid on time, not too bad a credit to debt ratio…and if your degree is of interest…a reasonable company will wait for you to clear as they sponsor you.

Thank you both for your insight. I do have stellar records (Cum Laude), no drug use at all, and zero loans with excellent credit. Problem is that most of the jobs require at least a TS security clearance. Some offer to sponsor candidates up to the level necessary for the position, but not having much luck without one at all. Military enrollment is not an option for me, so I guess I will continue to network to find an opening that will sponsor me.

Check out the big “beltway bandit” companies. Aerospace companies may be more willing to sponsor.

It is tough if you are just starting out. Companies can cross over already cleared and experienced people in a short amount of time. A new clearance is a long wait. I recommend searching for any support positions on cleared contracts. Don’t turn your nose up at a housekeeping position that will get you cleared. Once cleared, then apply for cleared positions and move up to what you want to be. Many jobs will say must have or be willing to be cleared at X level. So keep searching and submit your applications all over. If you are prepared to move for work, even better.

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Great insight and that is pretty much my approach. Thanks again.