Getting Hired in the IC

I have a question regarding getting hired in the IC. Right now I have 3 years on with the United States Capitol Police as a uniformed officer, I also graduated with my MA in Homeland Security in 2019. I have an interest in intelligence analysis/research, specifically in the area of counterterrorism and organized crime. My biggest problem when looking for jobs to apply for is my lack of security clearance. Only specialized divisions in the department get a clearance, however I have no interest in staying with the department. Does anyone have any recommendations about how to go about what companies will sponsor security clearances, and what types of positions I should be looking for as someone with no intelligence experience?

You can go directly to DIA, CIA, NSA, and NGA if you want a clearance.

Join the Air National Guard get a minimum secret or possibly TS/SCI

Don’t overlook the option to apply to one of the IC agencies mentioned by @velcroTech for a position as a police officer. You would get the clearance and possibly an opportunity to move into some other specialty or career field. They may even be able to pick up whatever investigation you had to get hired by USCP (I assume that there was some kind of background investigation).

Keep an eye out for DIA and their “hiring events.” They seem to be willing to hire folks with no particular intelligence background but demonstrated potential for future success. Not say it will happen quickly, though. I think they can be found via intelligencecareers-dot-gov


I never knew that you could work there without a clearance. I think your best bet would be transferring to Secret Service Uniform division. You get a TS with them atleast. Either way, getting a company to sponsor you as an analyst is not going to happen. The field is already saturated with ppl leaving the military with clearances after 2 wars ending has also brought down salaries. You “could” look into constellis/academi, Shitty company and filled with an utter disregard for any level of competence but they do have positions at agencies which sponsor clearances like Badge office tech, security monitor, armed security at agencies, escorts at agencies, etc… But be ready to wait well over a year for your background to even be investigated. I think that is your best bet. If it was me, i wouldn’t do intel again, but that’s just me…lol Career Areas - Constellis