Ideal clearance position with little experience

I have a TS through the military as a reservist. I have some real world experience but not much and would like to know a position that requires a clearance not needing a ton of experience that pays well.

It would be really helpful if you could state which job field you have experience in. Do you have a degree?

Apply to be a BI but only with CACI. They pay more than the other companies. What is your job in the reserves? And relative area you live? That would help to let you know what’s out there.

I’m an intelligence analyst the experience I have is MI school and I deployed to gtmo and helped my commander reinforce some physical security aspects of our AO provided some reports and overlays but to be honest I haven’t practiced real intelligence analysis since going through MI school 6 years ago so I’m not sure how it is in the civilian world or if I would be an asset considering most positions in the analyst category seem to be senior analyst positions. Oh and I do not have a degree.

Sorry for the delayed response.

There are TONS of entry level intel analyst jobs. Most would require relocation. I know for a fact Leidos and CACI are hiring a lot right now.

Also, even if you don’t qualify for the position it doesn’t hurt to apply. Recruiters actually do the hiring for these contractors and they are willing to work with you and find other positions you may qualify for. They get bonuses and it’s their job. They’re more than willing to help.

And don’t sell yourself short. Completing any MI course is an accomplishment. Everyone had to start somewhere so I would definitely apply to entry level. And if you don’t feel confident there are plenty of colleges that offer some MI classes online which would help you out a little.