Waiting on IC clearance or taking a job with a lower clearance


I had an offer last summer to be an intern at a IC agency but my BI did not finish on time. I elected to continue my BI for a chance at a post grad internship/full time job. Come today where I am now 1 semester out of graduating from my program and I have heard nothing from the IC agency other than my BI is processing .

Question is that I have been applying to other oppertunities and now have two different oppertunties, albiet only at a secret level. One is with an FDRC that does work with the DOD, and the other is with a federal auditing agency. Do I just drop the IC oppertunity? Is there a possibility of transfering my investigation to my new job offers as I know they have work that would require TS/SCI?

I guess I just worry that I would have more oppertunities in the future in my field (Data Science) if I had a TS/SCI but I worry about it even finishing at given that I seem to be at the bottom of their priority list.

Don’t ever close any doors needlessly, take whatever is in front of you right now that pays the bills. The IC clearance may or may not happen, and there have been countless applicants that have made decisions based on an expected clearance that didn’t pan out myself included. No need to close out IC opp

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