How do I obtain a security clearance?

I want to obtain a top security clearance to be more competitive when applying for particular jobs but I am unsure how to go about obtaining a security clearance. Can anyone be so kind to school me about this matter ?

Thank You

You can’t just get a security clearance. A company has to sponsor you.

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My suggestion is join the U.S. Air Force or Navy Reserve and sign up for a specialty requiring a TS (e.g., intel, etc.).

The benefit of joining the Reserve is multi-faceted. You can get the TS, still work a civilian job, and being milt./veteran means you get top preference in hiring.

If you have a bachelors degree you can go in as an officer (pretty cushy with good pay). If not then you can get a college degree on the government’s dime.

Some companies will sponsor you; usually these are companies which have both unclassified work and work requiring a clearance.

Most companies which have only cleared work much prefer to hire people who are already cleared, rather than wait for a candidate to clear… a process which may take months. However, if you have critical skills, you may be able to land something.

You cannot just apply for a security clearance, you must be sponsored by an employer to obtain one. The government must be justified in starting your clearance application because they can cost thousands of dollars to complete.

And even then someone like a manager at the sponsoring company has to submit a justification to the company’s security office to justify why you’d need a clearance. The company and government have a need to keep the number of cleared personnel to a minimum.

The clearance is for the job, not for you.

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