Jobs in D.C / NoVA

I’ve been busting my tail trying to land a job in NoVA/D.C area for a job. I’m a US Citizen with entry level experience in Cyber Security. Looking for a Governance position where I can work with NIST, ISO, ITIL, COBIT and other frameworks.

I’d love to connect with anyone willing to hire someone like myself , I do not currently posses a security clearance.

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Have you checked USAJOBS?


You’re supposed to have a clearance to register on but I think you can still search for jobs. That will at least give you an idea of what companies might be looking and what skills they are looking for. I suppose then you could go to their websites and see if they will hire folks without a clearance.

Also there are a ton of cybersecurity jobs in the commercial world that do not require any clearance.

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I do not believe that this is still a requirement.