Maintaining Security Clearance in College

I am a student veteran with a current security clearance looking for advice on how to maintain my clearance while in college (it will expire before I graduate and find a job). Preferably something low commitment. Looking for answers other than joining the reserves.

Thank you

I think it depends a lot on where you are. If you are someplace where there are a lot of cleared employers (Wash DC area, Los Angeles, Denver, Huntsville etc) then you may be able to find some kind of part-time gig requiring a clearance. If you are near a major government facility you may be able to get a job with a cleaning services company.

Many employers dont want to deal with part-time employees; it seems that once they find someone who is cleared, they want to put them to work full time on the contract and maximize the amount that can be charged to the contract.

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That makes sense. Would those part-time jobs be posted on clearance jobs or would that most likely be something that I would have to reach out to individual companies for? Currently living near New York City and have not found anything on clearance jobs

That I don’t know. Maybe check other jobs sites like indeed and careerbuilder and such.