Part time jobs with TS SCI after military

Hi everyone,

I’m transitioning from the military with current TS SCI in 2018. It will expire in 2021. I dont have a particular experience utilizing my clearance because my assignment didnt require it. I want to go to school for couple years to complete my BA before moving back to work in intel community. I speak Russian.

I wonder if there are some part time or flexible opportunities there to keep my clearance active while I’m in school. I’m interested particularly in Boston, CT, NH, Bay area or Charlottesville. I’m not sure if I will be able to find decent job without a degree plus I really want to go back to school.


Most of the major defense contractors (and some of the smaller ones) will have a link on their jobs page for ‘transitioning military.’ The combination of a clearance and recent military experience could open some doors. Now, just between you and me (and everyone else on clearancejobs), I wouldn’t bring up the “part time” issue at least not right away.

Of the places you list, I’d say Boston and the parts of NH near the 128 corridor (or is it 28? Anyway kinda around Nashua) and the Bay Area might be the best. They are of course also very high cost of living areas. There might be some contractors in Charlottesville supporting NGIC and DIA. The more flexible you are regarding where you are willing to go, the better your chances of finding something.

Plenty cleared positions in Charlottesville. Normally, with that clearance, and relevant work experience in your background you should be able to find employment,