Part time jobs that would keep clearance in-scope

I was granted my TS/SCI but didn’t accept the job and am in a current job that doesn’t use my clearance. I like my job and will be staying in it for the next 2 years. But probably leave after that and it would be nice to still have my clearance.

I was wondering if anyone was aware of any part-time jobs, probably in the IT field (as I’d prefer to not be a security guard), that could be worked on the weekend/etc. mainly so that my clearance could stay in scope.

Additional question to those in the know. In the situation above when does that TS clearance become inactive? Is it as soon as you don’t accept TS job that you were processed for or after a certain number of years? If the latter, how difficult is it to get the clearance back if it’s inactive once you found a TS required job again?

You may have to go the security guard route, as it can be difficult to find part-time work.

I do not know the rules for how long an investigation remains valid if you never used it. Plus, in a situation like this it may be hard for potential employers to “see” your clearance.

Are you talking about “read in” process where you actually have to start the job and get processed there in order for your clearance to be seen in JPAS and SC?

Such a high-risk is usually only in full-time work. I’ve never seen part-time jobs with PT or clearance as condition of employment.

I’ve seen them, but they are unusual.

Depending on the organization that grants your eligibility or sponsors your clearance, it may never show in SC or JPAS (DISS maybe) until the first day of work. So you would actually have to get the job in order for it to show up in any of the security databases.

@velcroTech Thank you. That’s what happened to me, I wasn’t sure if it’s the same case with all agencies/contractors.

I had a security officer I know check JPAS, completely unrelated to this job or agency, and they confirmed that I indeed to have a TS with SCI eligibility (as I haven’t been read in) clearance so that doesn’t seem to be a problem with me.

The security officer told me that I’m good for 2 years if I don’t accept the job.


Hey that’s good news! That should help quite a bit.