TS/SCI revoked - where to get the SOR?

Hello! My son was recently discharged from the Army after multiple minor misconducts, with a General under honorable conditions. Unfortunately, prior to this, he also had his clearance suspected and he was being under investigation for admitting during polygraph that he though he might shared something about his AIT class with his dad (unintentionally and what turned out to not be classified at the end of the investigation). He is at home now, however the investigation is still waiting for the final adjudication. Last we heard, is that the outcome was insignificant, but they still might revoke his clearance. Since he is a civilian now, is there any way he can check the status of his clearance and the outcome of the investigation? If it gets revoked, are they going to send SOR to his home address? Is it worth trying to appeal it now, or should we wait until he establishes a good “moral character” record by going to college, etc? He is planning to study cybersecurity so he really wants to get his clearance back, or at least have the opportunity to apply for one again later one. Thank you in advance!

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If he is no longer in the Army then he no longer has a requirement to hold a clearance and they would have debriefed him already. Any action in progress would have been stopped and a record of no determination made. If in the future he applies for a position that requires a clearance ensure he discloses he had his clearance suspended and why, because there will be a record of it. Time mitigates, so if there are no further issues going forward he should be okay.


Thank you! I appreciate your response! He was debriefed, however they told him that the final adjudication hasn’t been made. Unfortunately, they given him incorrect information before for other issues, so this might also be not true.
I asked my SO at work to check my son’s clearance status in DISS, and it looked normal without any red flags, said "favorable " for when my son first got it. However, the SO told me that he may not see everything because he is not looking up one of our employees.

I know that clearance is tied to a job and my son doesn’t need it at the moment, however i want to know what he will be dealing with when the time comes to apply for a job in the future, as this is one of the first questions on SF86. At the moment he doesn’t know if it’s suspended,
revoked or active. Any chance he can get this clarification, even if for a closure and a peace of mind?


In your initial post you indicated his clearance was suspended, if that is the case then what I wrote applies.


As Marko and you both pointed out, the clearance goes with the position. The eligibility for access…was suspended. It will likely stay as that. Now, assuming he spends 4 years maturing, completing an education of value to the government, and learned how to overcome his penchance for misconduct…he can apply for cleared positions and must be honest. If there is no misconduct after Army, school years are favorable, no drugs, finances solid…he can overcome the previous suspended sentence. If he has learned a lesson I would also pursue getting the discharge upgraded if possible. That is a big red flag as well. Investigation will see disciplinary recird but showing the upgrade, clean record etc may show he turned the corner.
Some are just not ready for military life at their present age.

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Thank you both very much. To be honest, I don’t know it was suspended, I just assumed it was because he couldn’t go into his AIT class in a SCIF anymore. But he never received any documentation confirming it.

If his clearance was in fact suspended, would there be some official paperwork/notification regarding this? He doesn’t recall getting anything like that. Now I am wondering if it was ever suspended in the first place. Is there any way for him to find out?

Unfortunately, when one moves from a cleared position…be it contract or DoD, when you move on…you are not entitled to get information from the previous cleared entity. They will see it as debriefed, possibly for cause…
As a standard practice I advise against checking on family member clearances with your SO. The SO cannot (should not) release that information to his family. As Marko said, future applications should explain this situation and be blunt. My clearance was suspended, I left the Army, was debriefed prior to learning the final disposition. He could call his former security office/Security Manager and simply ask what the final determination was so to properly state it moving forward. I would be surprised if they responded or even took the call. Once you leave, particularly under a cloud, few want to communicate. It sounds nore like an administrative suspension by the Commander. And then separated him for other conduct before more formal revocation actions.

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Thank you again for your reply. I guess we will give this some time, see how well he does in college and will reassess when it’s time to apply for an internship/first job.