Revocation Appeal Questions

My TS clearance was revoked last April, but I’m still in the military since there’s no other reason for me to be discharged. I’m appealing the revocation to DOHA. By regulation, judge was to schedule a hearing by 30 days - it’s been 6 months and dead silence. Is this a typical timeline? Would I have been in a better situation by accepting DCSA’s initial intent to revoke in the middle of last year? Is it accurate for me to say I don’t have any clearance while in this situation? Should I even apply to jobs that require a clearance?

Well, looks like I seemed to have stumped a lot of people.

Why was your clearance revoked? Revoked means you currently do not have a clearance.

DCSA made a final decision to revoke eligibility for access to classified info and assignment to duties designated as national security sensitive, and denied me eligibility for access to SCI. I filed a notice of intent to appeal - I am assuming that I do not have any clearance while I am in the military, awaiting the outcome.

What did you do. You must know by now. We will have a better idea of if you even have a chance in appeal.