Update: On successful clearance appeal

This is a follow up to my previous post

Right now I’m just in a bit of daze here. My job offer was rescinded based on the DCSA denying my clearance reinstatement due to NSA’s initial decision prior to the appeal. I have a strong gut feeling that maybe the NSA’s decision to overturn their previous decision was either ignored or missed by whoever was processing at DCSA

I just don’t get it. All this time and money spent to They’re willing to revoke my clearance based on what NSA put in the system but not reinstate it based on the NSA going oh we sorted everything out, it was a mistake?

I’m just confused and stressed at why have appeals process if even winning the appeal doesn’t do anything? DCSA won’t let you contact them even to see if there was some sort of administrative issue during the process. I’m not sure what else to do here. DCSA hasn’t even sent anything over to me in the mail as to their reasoning.

Does anyone have any insight or maybe another avenue of approach I can take?

About the only thing you might consider at this point is some kind of congressional inquiry. I did go back and read your original post but did not plow through the entire thread so I dont know if this was previously mentioned.

Almost sounds like the NSA appeal and the DCSA action took place in separate universes.

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Im so sorry you are goi g thru this!
I have also not gone back to read the original post, but DCSA is required to send you a SOR (Statement of Reason) when they deny or revoke access. You are then given an opportunitytodefend yourself. Has this not happened?

I’m also a little surprised that they were able to make any decisions based on NSAs determination. When I was at DCSA (until earlier this year) it was almost impossible for us to see IC BIs. We could see that one existed and request access to them, but the number of times I heard of people actually receiving one back were as rare as hens teeth.

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I was given a statement of reasons (SOR) from the NSA which I was able to successfully appeal and overturn their decision. DCSA never sent an SOR to me.

Something doesn’t feel right here, whoever at DCSA that was processing my clearance I think only looked at the initial information the NSA put in the system and never looked at the information that NSA overturned their decision.

My gut tells me this is an administrative error and because of how DCSA is set up, there’s no way to really get in contact with them as an individual to sort things out.

I’m going to write to my local congressional representative and see if they can inquire as to what’s going on with my clearance. The other thing I’m looking at is filing a report with DCSA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG).

This whole thing wasn’t handled right and DCSA is hiding behind the inability of myself as an individual not being able to talk directly with someone in the office to ask a few simple questions and have them recheck the information the NSA put in the system.


That sounds about right.
Depending on when this happened (15 or < days ago) and the initial issue there is possibly another option. You could file an EEO complaint. EEO Complaints Program

This really sucks! I pray you can get it sorted out.

Forgive me if i’m a little confused in this response, i didn’t read the initial post.

DCSA doesn’t “give” you a clearance, all they do is process the BI and put eligibility in the system and dates.

The IC agency, in this case NSA, is the one who finalizes and reads you into your clearance and SCI. You would not get an SOR from DCSA, the SOR would come from NSA.

If you already did this, and they gave you your appeal and you won, then your clearance is back in SC as “eligible”. That does NOT mean they have to give you the job (if that was the case). It just means your eligibility for them is redeemed. All of this is done irrespective and out of purview of DCSA, they have nothing to do with this.

What is it you are seeing in your DISS or SC file?

I’m sorry I don’t think I described it clearly.

I previously had a TS//SCI /w CI poly clearance. It was revoked by DCSA based on information the NSA inputted after going through NSA’s clearance process. The appeal was to correct the error in my file and the information the NSA put in the system that DCSA based their decision on to revoke my clearance.

I received an SOR from the NSA, after my clearance was revoked. I appealed the decision. NSA sent a letter saying that the decision was overturned.

My file says, and I’m paraphrasing, “Decision not to reinstate clearance based on NSA’s initial denial.” It makes no reference about the appeal. The job was through a contracting company. I was already given an offer and was set to start working there after DCSA’s process to reinstate my original clearance.

I hope this clarifies it a bit, let me know if I’m missing any info.

Also, NSA is still processing me for a clearance already but apparently I need to go through the investigation, psych eval, and polygraph all over again.

That’s what i don’t understand. DCSA , unless you ware going to work for them, doesn’t adjudicate or give eligibility for your clearance. That would be CAF or in this case, NSA.

If you won you appeal with NSA than that is what matters, not DCSA. The denial is from the organization that sent the SOR.

Question, how long ago was the DCSA SSBI? that may be an issue.
What was the issue if you are okay sharing; clearly it was BS if you won denial.

Did you share your info with DCSA? NSA uses SCATTERED CASTLES and DISS
SCATTERED CASTLES doesn’t talk to DISS so that could be an issue also.

Some clarifications I think I missed in my initial post.

DCSA is the one who owns my clearance. I was processing through the NSA for a position on a contract and there was erroneous information in my file that was the result of the NSA.

After I challenged the information and provided clarification, the NSA overturned their original decision.

The position I was going to be working on is a DoD position.

SSBI I think was completed somewhere mid 2017.

I spoke with NSA and confirmed that they sent over the updated information to DCSA.

I was able to get more information from an SSO and they said that DCSA has the following in my file:

“TS//SCI completed determination of no action by DoD Caf”

This update was from this month.

I spoke with my lawyer that I used for my appeal with NSA, and it sounds like something incorrect happened here and we’re going to file a petition with DCSA.

I hope this helps clarifies everything.

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I hope everything turns out well.

These agencies drop the ball on these issues all the time.


Thank you, I appreciate it. If I do have any new updates, I’ll post again.